Chris Meyns

May 2013

Publication: Embodied Fantasies, From Awe to Artifice. Edited by Suzanne Anker and Sabine Flach. Vienna, Peter Lang (2013), pp. 13–26. doi 10.3726/978-3-0351-0540-7

Summary: Article discusses the relation between imagery and imagination.

Keywords: imagination, images, sensation, representation

What Does Imagining Have to do With Images?

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Book blurb

Embodied Fantasies, a concept central to art history, theory and practice is concurrently a topic debated in the fields of the neuro- and cognitive sciences, philosophy and phenomenology. This volume focuses on notions of embodiment as they relate to sexuality, aesthetics, epistemology, perception, and fantasy itself. Approaches to modes of fantasies are explored beyond traditional conceptions to include complex thinking processes, subjectivity and inter-subjective experiences. What function do fantasies and their images possess in relation to art as a form of knowledge production?