Chris Meyns is a researcher, philosophy geek, and coffee lover who is into tech and typography.

Here’s my story in brief. Currently I am an Assistant Professor of Early Modern Philosophy at Utrecht University. Before coming to Utrecht, I was a research associate in the New Directions in the Study of the Mind Project at the University of Cambridge and a postdoctoral by-fellow at Churchill College, Cambridge. I did my doctoral work in philosophy at UCL, and have held visiting positions at Toronto, Yale and LMU Munich.

My main work is in early modern philosophy, mind, and metaphysics. I have written on the analysis of imagination, sympathetic action, and Leibniz’s views on probability. My most recent research project, Psychic Individuation in Early Modern Philosophy (2015), discusses seventeenth century views on psychic individuation. I am currently working on several papers on the relation between psychology and space in the early modern period.

When I’m not glued to my screen, I like to transcribe dusty manuscripts, or do the odd bit of urban exploring.

Want to say hi? I love that. You can grab me on Twitter or drop me an email.